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China hardware industry in the export of spring

In 2010 China metal products import and export totaled us $74.923 billion, compared with 2009, the compound annual growth rate of 30.1%.
The main products are exported to the countries and regions of the top in order: the United States, Japan, Germany, the Russian federation, China's Hong Kong and England. Compared with 2009, increased the following three export countries, they were: North America Greenland; The cover of the Oceania than islands, the marquesas islands. Thus, the Chinese hardware industry export countries and regions were up to 226.
For a long time, the Chinese hardware industry relying mainly on export survival and development, in 2008 the outbreak of the international financial crisis hit the Chinese hardware industry "export engine", leading to hardware industry into a boat. brass pad lock After two years of efforts, in 2010, the export of hardware industry situation was obviously improved, the Chinese hardware industry is gradually out of "crisis after age."
The personage inside course of study thinks, with the, the Chinese hardware market competition, the domestic enterprise competition in addition to having the independent brand counterparts, and dorigo international brand of hardware giant. Related experts point out that, from the future development trend, the global hardware industry in the future five years is predicted to grow by 3% ~ 5%. At this rate, our country still comfortably in the world the NBA.
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