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Door window industry into the

In 2011 the debt crisis of the world, and domestic real estate industry policy regulation, make the development of real estate of China's confusing. December 11,, the Chinese real estate industry association and vice President of guangzhou in a pointed out that, in the next ten years, the real estate industry will no longer be the focus of development, and improve and develop into the era.
The real estate industry from the rational design and not enough before building, turn into the rigorous planning design and high quality construction period. So Windows and doors, as an important part of building structure, also had to business from the past to enter the system design in bulk installation era.
The aluminum doors and Windows curtain wall industry conference, as a door window industry "barometer", held in March every year in guangdong, the industry is new products, new trend annual release platform. According to the organizing committee introduction, in the upcoming 2012 18 th national new products exposition of aluminouscable lock door window, collected from more than 20 countries and the area of more than 400 exhibitors, common reveals the development of the industry innovation tendency: the wisdom door window that modern doors and Windows compared with the traditional Windows and doors and highlight of environmental protection and energy saving advantages and system integration advantage.
First, the "wisdom of door window" embody in door window curtain wall products to the energy conservation of the building's attention and practice. In 2011, the Chinese government put forward "1025 planning", energy conservation and environmental protection index as the government of one of the achievements assessment standards, energy-saving building concept will represent the future architectural development direction. According to information, energy consumption in buildings nearly 6 from door window into the loss, as the key to building energy consumption, one of the energy saving of door window product environmental protection sex also get manufacturers and consumers' attention.
Tens of thousands of a the exhibits will fully reflects the wisdom, system, energy saving "concept, a lot of advanced environmental protection enterprise in the Windows and doors here have been staged. Such as committed to "China's energy saving technology industrialization base wood Windows and doors of the Beijing window of the milan Co., LTD; Independent research and development "the heat insolation (cold) aluminum composite wood Windows and doors" and "the heat insolation (cold) energy saving sliding door window", "aluminum BaoMu energy-saving door window", "pure wood energy-saving door window" energy saving products such as the zhejiang red Ming doors and Windows Co., LTD.; And "the thief into do not come, firefighters can come in;pad lock children off not go down, but adults can run out, screen window, invisible, mosquitoes into not to" Shanghai wisdom win door and window system, and so on, these high and new technology enterprise and products have been for the whole of the door window        industry of energy-saving performance improvement and leap make a great contribution.
China construction steel structure association deputy secretary-general HuangQi gentleman   introduction, in recent years, with the improvement of market demand, the domestic doors and Windows system gradually arisen, some of traditional extruded aluminum enterprise also began to actively participate in doors and Windows system research and development work, such as guangdong xingfa, wide and aluminum, jianmei aluminum, aluminum and other famous great aluminum enterprise, and for research and development, Windows and doors, Windows and doors product design optimization made many contribution, make they developed new products more suitable for Windows and doors and saving energy saving and standardization requirements, fully embodies the modern "wisdom of door window" advantage.
For 17 years, door window curtain wall new products exposition continue to play industry "barometer" function for Windows and doors curtain wall industry chain upstream and downstream firms to provide timely, accurate and authoritative industry data, new products for industry display platform, represents the industry development frontier dynamic. "Wisdom of door window", here open!
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