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Doors and Windows hardware in building energy saving the role of the market by value

Door window curtain wall industry on its relevant to the prosperity of the vigorous development of the industry has played an important role support, and at the same time, also of building energy make a great contribution.
In building energy saving, the role of the doors and Windows do not underestimate, and the high quality Windows and doors for good doors and Windows hardware is to provide the safeguard, therefore, doors and Windows hardware in building energy saving effect of gradually by value.
Construction experts think, whether a building energy evaluation, should look in the life cycle of building within the maximum whether economize resources, including energy saving, land-saving, section, section, whether to protect the environment and reduce the pollution, whether to provide people with health, efficient use of space, are a natural harmonious coexistence of architecture. Therefore, construction experts need to study all belong to area, door window as the outside of the building the structure, and its energy-saving performance quality directly influence the energy conservation of the building, and door window hardware as the attachment doors and Windows, doors and Windows in for provide matching, its quality and affecting door window directly energy saving effect, therefore, the high quality of the doors and Windows of hardware in building energy saving plays an important role.
However, in the past few decades, often happen because the poor quality of the window by events. If a city a small area of be born glass burst into a spider mesh and the tilt to the room, among the window to form a irregular hole, gently a touch can fall in the many piece of broken glass. And the window below is the main channel community, and there were a swimming pool, where, there are many people still are swimming in a pool. Be like again a shenzhen office building of a window of model steel door to the sky, just hit medium pedestrian weeks lady, her neck artery was smashed through, unconscious on the spot. These painful case fully explain the Windows and doors and Windows hardware quality is very important.
Because the functional requirement of the construction, structure, spatial size, building facade design style and other reasons, the building doors and Windows has a variety of open forms, such as open, the flat in flat open, inside on dangerous, open the dangerous etc in more than ten open form, and make the building doors and Windows are of all open form of key is all sorts of structure of the doors and  Windows of hardware.
Building doors and Windows open and close flexibility, ease of operation, the operation of the size of the force, mainly depends on the doors and Windows of the hardware structure design, material selection, and manufacture, assembly process and assembly quality. Building doors and Windows must be able to open and close, realize ventilation, take a breath, heat insulation, sound, the wind and rain on the function, therefore, requires the building doors and Windows in a certain high winds and stormy weather conditions, also want to have performance of wind, and building doors and Windows closed after only realize the function of the components is doors and Windows hardware, such as open door window in the bear is wind pressure, the open door window in the bear negative wind pressure, door window fan are under wind load completely transfer to hardware, again by hardware will wind load transfer to door window frame and structure of the building, so say, doors and Windows hardware is building door window effects of wind the main functions of the performance parts.
Because door window hardware and building door window frame, fan shaped bar with a install the connection, and realize the Windows and doors open and close the door and lock function, doors and Windows hardware and building door window frame,brass pad lock fan shaped the scientific nature of the structure and heat insulation position, will directly affect the building door window heat insulation energy-saving effect, so do building door window in energy saving design, must consider mainly doors and Windows hardware and building door window frame, fan profile of a stem with installation structure.
Doors and Windows hardware materials, design structure and fatigue durable sex directly determine the use of the durability of the building door window, that is, doors and Windows hardware will influence in the whole building building door window design within the use fixed number of year use cost and the effective utilization of resources and save.
In the Windows and doors to the whole building hardware comprehensive performance higher demand, under the premise of especially to save energy and reduce energy consumption, at the request of developing constantly, perfect new doors and Windows hardware system, improve the comprehensive performance of modern doors and Windows.
Doors and Windows hardware will open the doors and Windows fan and casing organic combination is together, can improve the whole building door window of wind and watertight performance, airtight performance properties, thus greatly reduce the door window frame of the relative deformation and fan, effectively improve the doors and Windows of the sealing performance, so as to achieve the best effect in energy saving.
In the specific design, to improve the building doors and Windows in the long time use process for hardware from the door window frame fan wear the relative position changes in design, can make the doors and Windows hardware bearing parts are the relative position of structure adjustment function. In short, doors and Windows hardware to select material reasonable, materials, functional sex is strong, reasonable structure, reliable operation, long service life, and suitable for the doors and Windows profiles produced with use of excellent performance, sealed performance is good, safe and practical building doors and Windows, keep the Windows smashed the man dropped things don't happen, let more energy-efficient Windows and doors.
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