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Furniture hardware industry relying on in e-commerce platform will have new age

With the economy '1025' national export strategy by leading adjustment as the leading domestic demand and promote domestic trade development, furniture industry should be quick to adjust the strategy, 'export' and 'domestic demand' pay equal attention to development and at the same time, it is necessary to increase the domestic market development.
According to shenzhen furniture association introduce, Chinese furniture have dominated the global capacity by 25%, become the real first furniture manufacturing countries. And just the reform and open policy the 1978, our country has only 1.3 billion yuan only furniture market, now has reached 7000 total more than one hundred million yuan. According to the past 30 years on average 22.2% of growth to see, by 2015, the industry will reach 2.43 trillion yuan of total output value. The incomplete statistics, in 2009, the total retail sales of consumer society than the previous year grew by 15.5%, furniture industry more than building, decoration materials, automobile growth, growth is 35.5%. 2010 years ago in the third quarter, including social retail spending grew 18.3%, among which the furniture industry contributed to a 38.4%, is the fastest growing industries.
China furniture hardware industry in the past 30 years experience the naive period, the early growth, is now in its medium-term growth, to 2015 years later, brass pad lock will truly mature into growth. This period, China furniture exports account for the proportion of the world in about 22% or so, including the United States, the European Union market accounts for more than 75% of Chinese furniture exports. And based on the electronic commerce, furniture industry become new effective marketing model, meet the demand of the furniture of young people. China electronic commerce association mobile business experts consultation committee assistant director, professor of Beijing jiaotong university WangRuLin says, is that the two years' domestic new mode of electronic business affairs, household moved to online sales to get good after feedback. For example QuMei home through the network in bulk within 40 days was seconds kill 13000 sets, valued at more than $100 million. ', electronic commerce is representative of modern science and technology limited resources to maximize the use of, to satisfy the needs of the consumers.
Furniture on the Internet to sell consumers never leave home can acquire furniture for his house. As things online, mobile payment and the development of cloud computing, future use of resources will be more consumers, simple, convenient. The future based on the electronic commerce industry industry will have greater transformation and upgrading of opportunity.
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