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Global 2010 Special Operations Network Hardware: Hardware companies to catch the express train e-commerce

Accompanied by cold wind, the end of 2010 has been to; but for the majority of the hardware business, the warmth of a new e-commerce was in full swing on the Tour prologue. Exposure to Chinese e-commerce capital of Hangzhou this "poised", the hardware industry's best e-commerce platform - the world's Hardware Network Hardware & Machinery together with China Electronic Commerce Association jointly organized by the Professional Committee, "Hardware support enterprises to develop e-commerce applications," in order Hardware SMEs sewing "winter jacket."

The following are the hardware business on the activities of answering questions, are interested might find out.

Q: Why should we hold, "Hardware support enterprises to develop e-commerce applications' activities?

A: October 2010, the CPC 17 th through the second Five-Year plan of China's draft proposal, the Ministry of Commerce, "12 5" end try online shopping transaction volume of China's total retail sales reached 5%. This also indicates that China's e-commerce market size in 2015 reached 1 trillion or more. As e-commerce has become a major support during the second five objects, the state authorities at all levels to support small and medium enterprises through various channels, the use of e-commerce, business management transformation to achieve, and even brand new companies to seize this opportunity, to the capital market.

In response to national policy and to fulfill the Association called for the purpose of Association Global Network Hardware ( jointly introduced hardware support for enterprise e-business application development policies, plans 500 companies each year hold an effective e-commerce activities and accept enterprise e-business application consulting.

Q: What is the specific content to support?

A: Considering the small and medium enterprises in the difficulties encountered during the development of the association and the global network in the enterprise network hardware integrity protection, branding, product promotion, cost benefits and other aspects of support, and hardware to support applicants through the global network "hardware throughVIP "service. Services generally are: members of the Association for one year to enjoy the service, "Hardware-pass" VIP membership service, special promotion, keyword optimization, advertising gold, soft paper reports.

Q: apply for the "Hardware support enterprises to develop e-commerce applications" activities have any requirements?

A: The activities to support the object must meet five conditions. First of all: Hardware industry must be engaged; followed: normal operation of business / factory / self-employed (need to provide valid business license, organization code certificate, etc.); third: no enterprise or corporate banking or other financial institutions in debt two million more; Fourth: the intention to improve the market structure through e-commerce, marketing models and to promote its own brand of business; last: the annual quota for each industry only ten.

Q: If I participate in the support activities required to pay?

A: The cost of preferential mentioned earlier, so the total value of the original seven services 17,300 yuan of the package only 6800 yuan, of which, hardware, electronics Committee of each company to provide an annual subsidy of 1,800 yuan, so as long as the payments of 5000 yuan business that can enjoy the original price 17,300 yuan package services.
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