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Hardware new standard guarantee the quality of the market

with the faucet national mandatory standards for ceramic seal faucets "has begun the formal implementation. Implementation of new Cable Lock standards gave the plumbing industry to bring the first major reshuffle within the industry.

The industry believes that in recent years, the development momentum of China's plumbing industry is very fierce, and the formation of a few large and strong leading brand, but on the whole more traditional industrial model of gun lock development, the corporate average small-scale, redundant construction and disorderly competition. serious, this is not conducive to ensuring product quality. Bathroom plumbing industry point of view, the productivity of domestic sanitary industry and firm size are at the forefront of business, its hardware accessories products must be qualified by the Provisional Governor inspection of water-saving devices of the national product.
Author: Tongxiang Skyfine Hardware Co., Ltd.
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Keywords: Hardware new standard guarantee the quality of the market
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