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Power western hardware die mould machinery industry development

China is the world's largest steel producer, is also the hardware mold machinery industry and the largest country in the production. Whether raw materials, technology or labor have got the other countries industrial development incomparable advantage, especially in last few years exports maintain strong growth momentum, at present our country has become the tools of one of the leading exporter hardware products.
In China's hardware die mould machinery enterprise distribution can see, more than 80% are located in the pearl river delta, Yangtze river delta and the eastern coastal developed regions, and has 113 professional hardware die mould machinery market, among them liaoning, shandong, jiangsu, zhejiang, guangdong and other regions of ratio as high as 61.9%.
However, geographical location and raw materials as objective conditions for, the west development has the advantage of hardware mold machinery, if can overcome some restraining factors, will be a broad market prospect.
In fact, sparsely populated areas in western China, have obvious low labor costs favorable conditions, can attract labor-intensive and production enterprises are in the transfer.
And compared with the more developed eastern region, west hardware mold machinery industry are small in scale, and always wander in the medium level, brass pad lock belong to the initial stage of development of the industry. The western manufacturing accounts for the hardware manufacturing 9.8%, hardware and 8.95%, accounting for 4.28% of the hardware. Once the time is ripe, the west will have great room to rise and development potential.
Macro, in China's western region has been under the various policy of the central propped up, in the western development efforts are very large. Whether in western important engineering construction, the rural infrastructure construction, or various social foundation business on the financial support plays a big role. As countries to promote the development of the west of further work gradually, and constantly increasing investment, for the days of booming development laid solid foundation.
According to the data to predict, the western hardware die mould machinery industry will be in five years the proportion of the nation's enhanced 3-5%, roughly 2-300 billion yuan can increase output value.
At this stage of the hardware industry in western land development need many hardware enterprise support. Many hands make light work, believe that the west hardware industry's future, must be brilliant.
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