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"Xing music easily purchase" help you a family to decorate "end"

A specialized management power wires, lighting equipment and other domestic outfit materials website-" xing music easy to buy nets "d-will, as long as the move the mouse, keep the house you can buy" don't fire, smoke, non-toxic didn't pollution "of Chinese green product-" xing music" brand series wire and other famous brand of domestic outfit electrical!
"Xing music easily buy nets" is our country electric wire electric cable enterprise leading-and offered music group e-commerce shopping platform, with a family to decorate electric as the core products, through modern electronic business model will be with the traditional marketing integration to modern shopping platform to provide the high quality products and service for the core, with excellent supply chain management way and efficient perfect distribution system, provides the high quality for the user the product channel and service support. The web site since October since the trial operation, with "package", "BaoMShi" of the new service model, provides the power wire, lighting equipment,  wujinjiaodian, electrical home appliances, electronic products and other domestic outfit needed objects.
Xing music not only easy to buy sales "xing music"brass pad lock brand series products, also a large number of domestic famous home outfit joint product supplier, and with the xing music products complementary, realize the joy and manufacturers, consumer "three win," and "win-win". At present and the music web site to buy cooperation supplier for more than ten home, still being negotiated eight of the home. By then, there will be more than 20 house home outfit industry leaders in "xing music easy to buy".
In order to ensure that customers can receive the net buys goods in time, xing music will use the national more than 1600 home sales terminals, came near to the distribution, door-to-door delivery, express and logistics distribution combination. The company has established perfect after-sale service system, including the return of goods, such as a replacement, let consumer complete from trouble back at home.
According to the "one-stop" shopping this new marketing mode, group chairman and President YuWenPin says, open xing music is easy to buy the transformation and upgrading of enterprises, the needs of the development of science, xing music now do every thing, the pursuit of profit is not a simple, we pay more attention to its social value, they have the courage, are determined to fight a Chinese domestic outfit electrical it first e-commerce platform.
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