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Robot production machinery, hardware industry development push

Robot technology as the typical representative of advanced manufacturing technology, is a collection of machinery, electronics, control, computer, sensors, artificial intelligence science advanced technology in one of the important modern manufacturing automation equipment. Can say the appearance of robot and application is science and technology development and production tools necessary evolution. A few days ago, the international mould and hardware and plastic industry association secretary-general ROM the fai supplier an interview said industrial robot has set up a file in the automobile and automobile parts, motorcycle, engineering machinery, machine tool mold, low voltage electric appliance, tobacco, chemical, military and other areas to be widely applied. The future of robot market demand also expanded, humanized intelligent machine equipment be created, the use of robots tend to be more flexible direction.
Robot production machinery, hardware industry development drive
(1) advanced technology industrial robot set precision, flexibility, intelligence, and software application development and other advanced manufacturing technology at an organic whole, through to implementation process test, control and optimization, scheduling, management and decision-making, realize increase yield and improve quality, reduce cost, reduce the consumption of resources and environmental pollution, is the highest expression of industrial automation level.
(2) upgrade technology industrial robot and automation equipment have fine manufacture, fine processing and flexible production technology characteristic, is the power machinery, computer after, the comprehensive extension of people in physical strength and intelligence of a new generation of production tools, is to realize digital production, automation, network and intelligent the important means.
(3) application field widely industrial robots and automation equipment is the production process of key equipment, and can be used in the manufacture, installation, test, logistics and other production links, and widely used in automotive OEM and components, engineering machinery, rail transportation, low voltage electric appliance, electric power, IC equipment, military industry, tobacco, financial, medicine, metallurgy and printing and many other industries, application field is very wide.
(4) technology industrial robot and strong comprehensive automation complete set technology, focus on many subjects and the integration, involving a number of technical fields, including industrial robot control technology, robot dynamics and simulation, brass pad lock robot construct finite element analysis, and laser processing technology, modular design program, intelligent measurement, the modeling process integration, factory automation, and fine logistics, advanced manufacturing technology, the technical comprehensive strong.
This, to a certain extent the ascension as hardware industry labor-intensive industry chain numerous automation degree, and the production of the robot itself also contributed to the mechanical hardware industry development.
Production of energy-saving automation solutions
The future will use the least factory energy and material consumption to achieve maximum results, demand will focus on get twice the result with half the production technology. International mould and hardware and plastic industry association secretary-general ROM the fai supplier, said in the process of production of saving energy in the future to 20-30% is very possible. In addition to efficient handling technology and fast moving parts of the light structure, such as the robot arm and robot tools, control technology are also huge energy saving potential. Previously, the robot will also have no a standby mode, now the new automatic concept provides such operation, saving a lot of energy.
Some parts of the average service life got increased, it also helps to reduce the cost. In addition, will also use some strategy, with the energy saving method for robot programming, avoid unnecessary rapid acceleration, use braking energy, simulation energy demand. That could be a lot of point system to measure the energy consumption and adjust the equipment of the complex data to further reduce the cost. Robot and automation industry not only is energy saving itself, but also to the rapid development of green technology. Through optimizing production processes that can be beneficial to the way to mass using new technology. In order to be able to let the renewable energy and environmental technologies more full of competitive power, this is what must be done.
Automation photoelectric production had begun to use robots, assembly and handling technology and machine vision to complete the utility of solar energy price. The current another work is optimized battery production. In order to have a breakthrough in photoelectric sex, need a lot of high performance battery, the battery production relies mainly on the smart automation solutions. Robots, assembly and handling technology and machine vision to enhance fiber mixture of support in economical car, use ultra light body plank production possible.
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