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The Chinese hardware industry development space broad future possibilities

For over 30 years of reform and opening up, China's hardware industry of the achievements are obvious. Nowadays, China has become the world's hardware industry important producer, consumer and exporter. China already has formed about 30 hardware industry technology center and product center, the center is not only our country hardware industry platoon guide, part of the center has become the world's hardware industry to the outside world. ShangPu consulting building materials industry analysts think, hardware industry market has a huge potential for development, the future development trend is mainly manifested in the following five aspects.
First, speed up the domestic and foreign enterprises merge. At present, our country hardware industry is the mainstay of private enterprise, they account for about market share, the domestic hardware industry enterprise shows "small, zero, bulk" situation. The domestic enterprise in order to improve the quality of products and their own competitiveness, to further explore the international market, through a variety of means to accelerate the fusion of the domestic and foreign enterprises.
Second, aggravate enterprise polarization development. In the next few years, hardware industry will step into the shock stage, the concussion consequence is that expand the hardware industry polarization trend. After the shock, survive the enterprise will be reducing the number of than it is now, "small, zero, bulk" situation will become intensive and scale, when market operation will be more rational.
Third, the current price of mainly market competition gradually turned to the high quality, the high technology content product competition. With the market competition of thorough, the hardware industry chain in all stages of the profits are decreasing, brass pad lock price competition has not into the core competitiveness of the enterprise, must change to continue development. Many hardware enterprise to increase investment in research, study made the high technology content product, demand new market demand, and realize the sustainable development of the enterprises.
Fourth, sales channel specialization, increasingly fierce competition between channels. Domestic hardware hutch defends products supply, the pressure of competition great, as the key competitive factors of sales channels to become the focus of the race for all parties. Hardware production enterprise in order to reduce sales link and save cost of sales, will strengthen the control of sales terminals, make sales channel gradually specialization.
Fifth, further solid our country is the world hardware manufacturing centre. Along with the rapid rise of the our country economy, has become the world's most robust economic region. China's economic infrastructure, industry development mature, labor cost is low, have become the world hardware manufacturing center prerequisite. China is the most populous country in the world, to the demand of product of hardware factory is an enormous, enormous market will further promote hardware manufacturing center to transfer to China.
Hardware enterprise should seize this opportunity for development, to our own strong market potential, the Chinese hardware industry has the broad space for development, that is the Chinese hardware industry's future will be infinite possibility.
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