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the metal mold with strong competitiveness

At present, the metal mold with strong competitiveness. The biggest advantage of the strengths of both to private enterprises, also lies in the traditional industries. To enter the high-end market, can not be separated from the high-tech. Recently, advanced technical schools Modern Manufacturing Engineering Institute of Zhejiang University marriage, the two sides will build the mold of fast digital design and precision testing center to serve the local mold industry.

With the development of the domestic metal mold industry, the competition from the provinces is increasingly fierce, the metal mold industry disorderly brass pad lock competition began, the emergence of hardware, low-cost, product mix, grade and technical content of the drawbacks have become increasingly apparent. Metal mold industry began in the 1960s, the rise in the South China Sea, and reached a peak in the late 1980s. Low the threshold of the metal mold industry does not need any technical, 30,000 yuan to buy some old equipment can open a cottage-style metal mold processing plant. After 40 years of development, all kinds of metal, mold processing enterprises have passed the million, the vast majority of the labor-intensive small businesses.
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Keywords: the metal mold with strong competitiveness
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