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Undergraduate hardware leading Chinese sanitary industry to a new stage of development

The southeast China, former President of group of nine grazing in fujian LinSheng Mr Wild goose was founded undergraduate electric appliance Co., LTD. Twenty years of struggle, from the animal husbandry to undergraduate course, from sanitary ware pilot to whole wei yu integration system provider and the transformation of the eagle across a bit like a second birth violent, in the skies.
Undergraduate course since its inception, has been committed to become the world's most professional "whole wei yu integration system services", to provide users with rich sanitary ware products, satisfy people to wei yu integration, intelligence and personalized needs. His products cover electric water heater, air can water heater, water heater burning gas, hardware sanitary ware and ceramic sanitary ware, etc all series sanitary ware products. And for the first time in China put forward whole wei yu integrated system services of the concept, plan to build China's largest and most complete bathroom products group.
Hardware sanitary ware and defends bath product is necessary articles for daily use, every time affects every quality of life. Along with economic development, people life quality relative ascension. At the same time, the people to the requirements of the hardware products more and more is also high. The past as the traditional production technology flaws, many hardware products especially leading because the use of a long time, then can reveal many quality problem, to the user inconvenient, affect the quality of life. Bachelor degree in traditional hardware product defects, the use of a number of international advanced production technology, to make up for the traditional process of the shortcomings of the past to provide consumers with the first-class quality excellent products for users to create extraordinary water enjoy. According to international mould and hardware and plastic industry association secretary-general ROM the supplier fai introduces, at present the first period engineering undergraduate course of electric water heater production capacity has reached 1 million units project, bachelor degree within five years, brass pad lock planning fixed assets total investment of RMB 1.9 billion yuan, covers an area of 800 mu. Project construction planning output value 10 billion yuan RMB. "The science and technology for this, the safe and energy-saving" is throughout undergraduate course always not destroy the soul. In the water heater products, undergraduate course has the most top industry research and development team and the international first-class laboratory of energy efficiency, thus constantly, super insulation, energy conservation and environmental protection research and development of water heater; Hardware sanitary ware products, undergraduate course have and international synchronized design concept, seiko spy, fashion, beautiful and durable; Undergraduate course is more tough ceramic sanitary ware of the standard to ensure the quality of products and quality, let you personally feel the perfect combination of art and wei yu.
Strict control, fine operation control, "let the world every family become whole wei yu technology with the beauty of art is undergraduate course people constant pursuit. In the future development, the undergraduate course will continue to based on the independent innovation, continued ascension core competitiveness of the enterprise, and continuing to provide users personalized, specialization, intelligent integral wei yu integrated system for lead China to a new stage of development sanitary ware, build China's first world top class brand bathroom.
The graph is undergraduate course hardware products ShanZuan electroplating technology undergraduate course leading, the flower is aspersed adopts international top ShanZuan plating technology, the product smoothness and uniform coating, is the best in the world one of surface coating, effective corrosion, dustproof, wear resistance, resistance to blow, shines to ensure product use 10 years later can still if brightness is new, extremely outstanding quality. Silk soft ceramic valve core used the European imported precision ceramic valve core of undergraduate bibcock, can accurate adjustment of water temperature, bring the user's unique silk soft experience. Ceramic valve core durable, a high hardness, wear resistance, in normal circumstances can use is as high as 600000. Neoperl up PaoQi undergraduate bibcock USES the world first-class Swiss Neoperl up PaoQi, through built-in six floors of filtering, water is gentle, gentle water flow. When using, Neoperl up PaoQi also can effectively 30% water, and can isolate effectively noise. Low lead processing technology of the traditional leading due to the lack of industry standards, are relatively general products high lead levels, the user use of water, is likely to bring health crisis. Undergraduate bibcock, using humanized low lead processing technology, the use of HB59 copper quality, for film protective layer of processing, lead controlled in 1.6% less than, make sure that the users' water security. Bachelor degree with "the science and technology for this, the safe and energy-saving" for the purpose of continuous innovation attention to detail, will be comfortable and convenient, professional seat belts into thousands of families.
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